Wednesday, 25 November 2009

40 not out ...

... but only just surfacing after numerous viruses hit our little home.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Not more Children's TV ...

Scarlett has flu - we cannot say if it is the pig variety but it is pretty nasty. I am hoping today is a Calpol free day as her temperature seems to have come down (according to my hand-on-forehead temperature reading), either way Day 5 looks like another day in pyjamas with no visitors and no journeys.
I am a little 'up to here' with CBeebies so today I am going to try Nickelodeon Junior (although she has just gone back to bed, having only been up for an hour so maybe I can have some Radio 5 after all).
I did manage two lovely lovely nights away with my friends in Aldeburgh but was collected on Sunday night as Scarlett was too poorly for us to have our little family evening together.
My birthday looms ever closer but I am trying to press ahead with a few little get togethers. I suppose Dan and I could eat 15 cupcakes if we had to?
My Nanny fell last week and broke her hip in three places but they have operated (she is 97) and now they are giving her physio to get her walking so that she can leave hospital and go home.
She is amazing, our very own Super Gran (now that was a programme that didn't drive me nuts).

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Getting dirty on a sunny day

Look at those filthy fingers and see the muddy knees - I have been planting beans this morning and this little person has been trailing me, picking them out of the soil.
All the green tomatoes left on the sagging vines - those that hadn't been turned into chutney - were then picked (with lots of grunting) before she carried these two back to the pram and placed them in her treat pot (fear not, I removed them before they were nibbled).
A busy morning indeed and, as I type, I am pleased to report she has been asleep for 90 minutes.

So, bean planting ... we have planted some broad beans following the folklore that if you plant them around 5 November they will be more resistant to blackfly and less likely to get blight. However, as all my books say plant them in Spring, I am doing a little experiment with half now and half then. I also finished planting the green manure (winter beans) in a couple more beds.
I am definitely more organised this year so the allotment actually looks quite good with most of the beds weeded and our big patch of burgundy chrysanthemums just coming into bloom.