Saturday, 29 September 2012

Finding the balance

Almost a month into our new life and I think I am finding a balance between work and life.
The first two weeks were a blur of logistics, juggling and worrying. Then we hit a period of extreme work and play (our babysitter earned £100 that week) - as if everything had been postponed to those seven days. This last week has seen me having more than one Dynamic Day and a few big tasks being ticked off. I have also run twice and had two yoga lessons.
But I have also had to admit defeat. Tonight I am staying home rather than dancing with my friends as I am feeling weary and a little achey.
Knowing when to listen to your body is all part of finding a balance. And it is OK.
I also have an extremely tired child who has been so emotionally fraught today that I would have consumed large quantities of wine under the heading Much Needed Reward and written off tomorrow......

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

'Twas The Night Before School Started

Like many parents, I am feeling a little all over the place as I sit here.
With each task, we move a step closer. Buying the uniform, leaving nursery, trying on the uniform, sewing in the labels ... and now the big moment is almost upon us.
Tonight I removed her amber necklace, the one she has worn since she was one. I tried to wear it myself but she gently took it off me and packed it away in her jewellery box telling me she will wear it at weekends and for holidays.
I want to be strong in the playground tomorrow, I want to focus on all the positives and I want to watch her walk away, ready to make new friends and learn new things. I know I will be a mess - a gulping wet mess - and I will not be alone.
I will miss her, that is the bottom line. She is my companion and my little friend. Sometimes she drives me nuts and other times I want to burst with the love I have for her and how happy she makes me feel. She makes me smile and she makes me laugh; she is my reason and all the answers.
But we have to let her go - just a little bit - to become her own person and to live her own life.
That is good parenting.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

4 days and counting......

There is something extremely therapeutic and exciting about sewing in name labels. I am assured this will pass and I will be scrawling SL onto labels with a Sharpies pen in no time.