Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chicken Pox - how we managed

  • Alternate baths of bicarbonate of soda (two tablespoons) and oats in a muslin (thank goodness for all those Liz Earle cloths).
  • Calpol for the first three days, Piriton Syrup after that.
  • Calamine cream - soooo much easier than the lotion of my childhood.
  • Fireman Sam on the television - apparently there are 29 episodes of the new version and I have only two more to see to have a full house. (My favourite character is Dilys Price for her muddling of simple phrases : "oooh, it's so aromatic out here tonight" and calling a dream catcher "a cream snatcher").
  • Keeping Scarlett in one cotton nightdress for the entire time so that nothing rubbed. I overcame my horror of such slovernly behaviour by thinking it was probably so caked in calamine cream that it was working like a sunsuit.
  • Remembering that it is usually a textbook virus and will start to improve around day 5. Sure enough today, Day Six, she is all scabs and the really nasty spots are purple, not red.

Friday, 24 September 2010

And now I've lost the sofa ...

One word. Chickenpox.
15 blisters counted in the bath tonight; I think Spotty Maldoon will greet us in the morning.
My rest is not going so well. I am a mother above all else so it's OK not going to work but I can't just lie here. My head won't rest either. I feel, oh , fraught, guilty and above all I am worried. If I did this to myself, which seems to be the conscensus of opinion, then how do I stop it happening again? Am I supposed to be having an epiphany whilst I lie on the sofa (or not, as it happens)?
And when will I feel better? When will I be on top of everything again? When will I be able to put my daughter to bed without struggling to catch my breath afterwards?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I am on the sofa ...

----on Doctor's orders. I have viral myalgia and my first ever sick note for ten days off work.
I have been dragging myself around for the last few weeks (or perhaps months) with headaches, a persistent sore throat, an inability to make simple decisions, aches and pains but yesterday I noticed lumps and bumps in my scalp and neck that I couldn't ignore.
Lymph nodes, apparently.
I have had, or now have, a virus that I can't fight and my body is doing all it can to say STOP.
Of course, I have been ignoring it.
Dan asked me last night if I honestly thought the world would stop spinning if I spent ten days resting.
Hmm, I said.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Barking dogs and the love of a good stitch

I've hardly seen Dan this week, he's working, working or working. Next week looks a little easier, if only as he will be home in the afternoons - not only does he get a break but I can use the time to do dull stuff like tidying up, putting away the washing or answering work e mails. All the things I can't really do when I am in charge of two lunatics and an elderly dog [wouldn't that be a great title for a blog?].

We seem to be a house of bugs and viruses this week. I've had a 24 hour vomiting and aching joint bug, Scarlett has had a cold, Dan now has a sore throat (which I'm now getting) and even Audrey has had, well, a messy bum.

I am trying to introduce Audrey to gentle separations from us during the day. We had a low point over the weekend when I had to leave them for an hour and asked my neighbour if she could hear anything - only to find out that Matisse (grumpy elderly dog) had barked for the full hour. We now seem to have cracked his upsets by letting them have access to the kitchen and sitting room during the short times we are out so that he can settle on the sofa and think I don't know.

I've just read Woolly Wormhead's request for people to tell her how they fell in love with knitting and I've been thinking about how my love started at 6 when my beloved Nanny taught me, became illicit during my school and university years when it was really not very cool and my bags were stashed behind sofas, became very passionate around the year 2000 once it started to become more mainstream and I discovered Rowan and then helped me lose weight  by giving me something to do when I would otherwise have eaten a second helping.
To be honest, my love of knitting and crochet has become more of a dependence nowadays - when my world seems to be closing in on me and I need something repetitive to work in time with my breathing, there it is. I really don't think I could cope without it.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Where to start?

There we were pondering Dan's hearing problems when really he had a bone eating disease (very close to the brain?). He returned to work this week after what turned out to be quite major surgery and I am happy to report that my chirpy husband has returned - I'm not sure I've seen him in the last few months.
Scarlett is almost sleeping through the night again. She is also the proud owner of 20 teeth. Phew. Her Opthamologist tells us her eye has progressed enough for the patch to be needed for just one hour a day. Our Cold Turkey approach to removing the baby bottle in the mornings has not been so successful so the Battle of MeMore (her name for the bottle) continues.
Audrey continues to tip our life upside down. She is almost toilet trained but, like all toddlers, a bouncy period of play can lead to a wee on the floor around the time my brain thinks ' that's a bouncy period of play, she'll need to go out for a wee'. On the plus side she walks beautifully, puts up with all sorts of experiences and we now have her off the lead on the morning walk. The whinging when separated is still a bit of an issue but I'm trying not to let it get me down.
I have finally started knitting a pair of socks. I think that has been on my 'Things to do' list for several years. I am a member of the Natural Dye Studios Sock Club so there was no excuse really. I'm still knitting my massive blanket and I am crocheting another beautiful commissioned shawl but I needed something I could do whilst parenting and I wanted something I couldn't put down - a bit like a good book - and the socks have hit the spot. It's also my first time knitting on 3 (or is it 4?) needles so I've learned a skill at a time when I would have thought I was lacking the capacity to learn something new.