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The word of the month was rejuvenation

    My interpretation of rejuvenation is to boost energy, rethink previously held ideas and do a bit of good old decluttering. Sleep is an easy place to start. You only have to pick up a newspaper or magazine, look at social media or turn on the television to hear we are a nation of under-sleepers. Despite many years of not taking my phone upstairs and not have too much caffeine in the afternoons, I would always describe myself as a poor sleeper – a whirring mind never far away. My two changes were to add in magnesium (one in the morning and one before bed) and to stop all caffeine after midday - I literally dusted down a box of decaffeinated teabags found in the back of a cupboard. I feel I am sleeping much better. My measure is that I stay asleep. I am an early riser (looking at you, dogs) which means I really need to be asleep by 10 to get anywhere near 7-8 hours sleep. So, I set myself a two-hour reminder on the phone, head upstairs (most nights) at around 9.15 and have been

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