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I'm trying it - Bullet Journalling

I have been circling around bullet journalling for the last 12 months like a big cat around its prey.
I was drawn to the concept of having everything in one place; of combining all my lists and projects with my diary and weekly To Do lists. However, I have truly adored my Moleskine weekly notebook for the last five years (I use the one with a page to view on the left and a blank page for To Do on the right) and just couldn't let go. Even though last year I had to buy the extra-large one as I just couldn't organise everything for two jobs, university and life in the space available.
On a quiet. wet day in January, I spent quite a bit of time pimping this diary by adding washi tape, sections, lists and the all-important index.
I suppose I had created a bullet diary?
And this worked well until I went to Taormina in Sicily on holiday and fell in love with a stationery shop called Fabriano.
I decided then-and-there (as I do) that the best excuse for buying lots in there was to use…

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