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Getting more light in my life

Anyone else find the change of season exciting and disheartening in equal measure? Despite the impending excitement of my birthday in November followed by Christmas I can find this month a bit tricky.  In the hot summer months I daydream crumpets, jumpers, candles and fires but when I get here I don’t always feel so comforted.  One thing I have read a lot about is the importance of getting as much light as possible as often as possible. Last year I started drinking my first cup of tea in the garden and doing ten minutes of headspace. With the addition of a puppy to our lives, the meditation has been put on hold but I continue to get outside as soon as possible. Sometimes I can even read a book... I feel as if this helps. Perhaps taking the time to listen to the birds, sip my tea and watch the puppy look for things to steal is as important as the natural light but it makes sense to me from a biological perspective to move as close as possible to natural light rhythms, and vary this across …

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