Thursday, 27 October 2011

Feeling a bit seasonal

My close friends and family will tell you I am a bit rubbish at this time of year. Despite craving the change of season and loving Autumn almost as much as I love Spring, I still seem to fall into this dark hollow where everything seems a little too difficult.
I had hoped that the radical change in my diet would see a change in these symptoms, but all that has happened is I haven't comfort-eated my way through. However, this is a Good Thing, as it gives me one less stick to beat myself with.
Seasonal Affective Disorder is described as ' a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer, spring or autumn year after year.'
So the big question is 'are my symptoms depressive or am I just instinctively reacting to the colder weather and darker days?'

This is how I feel:
Really tired, but not so tired that I can't get up and function.
A bit fed up and a bit hopeless one day and then chirpy and optimistic the next.
Feeling fatter than I actually am and not liking myself very much at times.
Being a little cross with myself.

My Grandfather would have said I was 'naval gazing'. Too much time on my hands - and busy, but not mentally stretched.

So, what to do ....
Well I have tried sleeping with a curtain open - to my husband's extreme joy - so that I could wake as the light increases. I have been taking Vitamin D and going outside as much as possible, bearing flesh if I can. I swallow a whacking great dose of EPA each day, after reading this book on holiday. I have been doing yoga when childcare allows and have been trying to get a little sweaty in the gym once a week. I have tried to accept the times when I feel a bit tired and taken it easy. I have been making my many evenings home alone a little more rewarding by watching films and good tv programmes, whilst working on crafty projects.
Today I found myself asking for more work......

Sunday, 23 October 2011

This is me in 100 words

I ran an animal behaviour consultancy practice (under my maiden name Magnus) for fifteen years. I decided I needed a change and almost immediately found out I was pregnant. Four years on, life is fun – I work for the Orwell Lady, KDS Print & Design, Fur & Feather magazine, Highcliff Veterinary Practice and am Editor of The Ipswich Gardener. My husband is Landlord of the Greyhound Public House in Ipswich. I prioritise time with our daughter Scarlett and also look after our home, two dogs and an allotment whilst keeping up my hobbies of twitter, football, blogging, knitting and crocheting.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Projects.... projects.....

On Thursday my Aunt and I met at the Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace. I cannot believe I haven't been before as it is right up my metaphorical street. Shunning a £70 train fare, I paid £22 and travelled almost door to door by coach - obviously the youngest onboard but a perfectly pleasant journey sitting next to a really nice lady.
I should have taken more photos but I honestly forgot. Penny and I chatted and looked, touched everything and bought plenty. After a cheeky lunchtime glass of wine, my spending saw a rapid increase - I was quite literally writing cheques that my bank could not cash (at that time).
It has given me a good kick up the creative backside too. Having seen Jane Crowfoot's completed Mystery Crochet Project I am now inspired to carry on and get it FINISHED. I would also really like to sign up to the 2012 one as well. After meeting Jane Greenoff I was inspired to try some cross stitch. Following her advice I have something small and pretty here.....
I have Christmas presents for the women in my life sorted and there are plans in my head for one of the rooms above the pub.
However, I am most excited by Swedish company MillaMia. I am always frustrated by the lack of contemporary designs for little people, but these two just have to be made:

Towards the end of the day, I had some precious time with the lovely Nicky, a chat with the very inspiring Emma King and a great catch up with Juliet from The Knitter.
I'll be going again next year ... and by coach.

I might have done the cross-stitch by then.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Why I love twitter

Sometimes, when I am a bit lonely, twitter gives me someone to talk to.
If it doesn't give me someone to talk to, then it gives me plenty to read.
I have found a great yoga class that is at a time when I have childcare (via @emma_gibbons).
Next Wednesday, I am going to visit a stitch and knit morning at Halfpenny Home in Needham Market.
I heard about this gathering by following @halfpennyhome.
I have solved Scarlett's overnight nappy issues just by asking what other parents use.
There are two or three groups of 'friends' that I can chat with.
We have created a real sense of community for the pub.
Kate Silverton, Amanda Holden, Brendan Cole and Idris Elba have all replied to my tweets.

Actually Idris Elba hasn't...... but I keep hoping.