Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Sunny Mummy Day

(He's flattening a hyacinth bulb, incidentally).
I am a bit new to this Mothers Day business - this only being my second but also married to a chef so unable to play the 'spoil me with a lie-in, fancy lunch and freedom from all jobs' card. When Scarlett's nursery handed me this card on Thursday, I assumed it was an early Easter card (thankfully, they have already realised that I'm a bit daft).

So this morning I was very happy with the compulsory housewife presents - a new apron and my first ever cake tin. You might need sunglasses to view this photo as not only is my apron super bright and lovely but the light reflecting from my hallway is quite startling (in case you need a bit more information here - it was a faded yellow woodchip tunnel until quite recently).

I'm off for tea with the maternal side of the family this afternoon. I have baked a cake and some biscuits using an old favourite.

My grandmother has been trying unsuccessfully to rehome this Kenwood Chef over the last few years. She has tried so many people and avenues, it has almost become a family joke. When I last visited, I realised that she wanted it to have a good home as the last time she used it was the day my grandfather died, 14 years ago; she had made a cake that he never got to eat.

So I took it home, washed it and today it has been very busy. I think I will be making a 97 year old very happy - don't you?

I've also baked some biscuits and I'm now off to find some material to give a pot of homemade jam a little hat.

Oh listen to me.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Why I love living in Suffolk

In the past seven days I think I have experienced the best of Suffolk. There are times when I want to move away, times when I feel a bit embarassed that I have only left to go to University (albeit twice) and times when I wonder whether we will always be here.
But the weather was bright and shiny last week which does, of course, help you love your life a bit more. And then having so much work done at home forced me into the car and out to the places I couldn't walk to.
So, here is Scarlett harassing pigs at Baylham House Rare Breeds and meeting some Spring lambs.

She has absolutely no fear with animals (I wonder where she gets that from) running up to the cows, pigs, goats and cockerels, shouting "ello" and then moving on. As all these animals are used to people feeding them I would not have been surprised to see at least one of them picking her up by her hood and consuming her in one bite.
With our plasterer needing to do that really high and precarious bit on the stairs last Thursday I thought we should ship out; if only to save asking him to move everytime we needed a nappy, slipper, hair clip or whatever else I would not have remembered to bring downstairs.
I kept trying to think of where we should go, who we should see or what we should achieve and then that little voice (I sometimes listen to) said 'but where would you really like to be?'
So we went to Felixstowe, my childhood town, and definitely a favourite place. Scarlett fell asleep on the way there so I read my book, parked in the sunshine, with the windows open - lulled by the gentle sounds of sea and snoring.
We then played and wandered for ages before eating sandwiches in the car, realising we were really late for nursery/work and then hooning up the A14.

The final part of my experience was a long weekend in Aldeburgh with family and friends.

Not on my best form - with Scarlett full of a cold and cough-induced insomnia (typically)- but a walk to Thorpeness, some shopping, good food and a few laughs set me up for this grey, cold week. And our hall looks amazingly bright and airy.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Take one hat

Just £2.99 from H&M