The product of an afternoon at nursery

Scarlett had her first proper session at nursery today. There were tears, but they didn't last long and I bought myself a bit of cake to make me feel better (ha ha). Very Nice Nursery called to say she was having a great time and then showed me a photo diary of her afternoon when I arrived to pick her up.
This is Scarlett's first piece of art - apparently she is very good at glueing.


Jc said…
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Jc said…
Hi Emma, I got reading your blog and thought Id become a follower. I love the way you write. I am Suffolk lass to so nice to meet you! Jules x
Vera Amos said…
A future Picasso I think, and gluing how impressive! Bless her, you better get a bigger fridge door because it will soon be covered with her artwork! Nicky xx

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