Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Just checking in

OK, so Spring wasn't around the corner. It has been so cold in my corner of Suffolk that I have had to keep my spirits lifted with purchased daffodils, wine and knitting.
I've really enjoyed returning to my knitting. I popped into Twist in Woodbridge last week to just look and, guess what? I spent £13 I don't have on two balls of wool that just looked nice.
I had a lovely moment as I was wrestling my way out of the shop (toddler : buggy : red face). In the window was the shawl I made up for the Natural Dye Studio - the one that was featured in the Knitter - see below. Embarassingly I came over all flustered and emotional. I think the owner thought I was a bit confused and/or delusional.
Anyway, the wool is now being worked into my massive blanket. A replacement for the Sickie Blanket we had as children.
We have a very poorly toddler in the house - sleeping upright as I type.
It's just a cold, but my, what a cold.
She is now on Day Five. Days One and Two were grumpy and hot, Day Three was snotty and yesterday and today have been streaming, sneezing, glued hair, coughing, watery eyes and exhaustion.
In preparation for this period of sleeplessness, Dan and I had our family time-share last week - I was in Champneys for three heavenly days and he in Scotland for three drunken nights.
The hand-over of the pub is a week today.....

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Is it Spring?

I fell for it again. Earlier this morning we had sun, it was mild enough to open the windows and I could see bulbs coming through and leaf buds on my roses.
No sooner had I thought how nice it would be not to be wrapped in so many layers than the skies went grey and the temperature plummeted.
I'm now trying to warm up.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

On becoming a Landlady

I met my husband on Sunday 10 December 2000 on a trip to watch Ipswich play Liverpool (we won, one nil). My brother begrudgingly agreed to take me, with his then girlfriend and apologised profusely about our presence to this very tall man that was sat next to me on the backseat of a BMW.
Despite six years in age difference (he plays the younger man to my older woman) I learned of his amazing qualities during the long car journey. One of these was his passion for food and another his love for the pub where he had worked since he was a young boy.
On 28 January 2011 we heard that he will be the Landlord of this pub, The Greyhound in Ipswich, from 1 March. We cried, we hugged, we quickly drank a glass of champagne and then I left to work in Harrogate for 3 days.
So this week has been a time for the changes to sink in, a time for us to learn about everything from PPL Licences to VAT Registration and a time for us to thank everyone that has helped us along the way.
Of course, I'm not going to be found pulling pints (nor shouting 'Get Out Of My Pub!') and my name won't be above the door but I will be helping him make decisions, turning chaotic piles of paper into some semblance of a system and keeping everything ticking along at home so that he has somewhere to retreat when he gets the chance.
It is a big change for us, but it is also a very simple progression.
For this is who he always was.