On becoming a Landlady

I met my husband on Sunday 10 December 2000 on a trip to watch Ipswich play Liverpool (we won, one nil). My brother begrudgingly agreed to take me, with his then girlfriend and apologised profusely about our presence to this very tall man that was sat next to me on the backseat of a BMW.
Despite six years in age difference (he plays the younger man to my older woman) I learned of his amazing qualities during the long car journey. One of these was his passion for food and another his love for the pub where he had worked since he was a young boy.
On 28 January 2011 we heard that he will be the Landlord of this pub, The Greyhound in Ipswich, from 1 March. We cried, we hugged, we quickly drank a glass of champagne and then I left to work in Harrogate for 3 days.
So this week has been a time for the changes to sink in, a time for us to learn about everything from PPL Licences to VAT Registration and a time for us to thank everyone that has helped us along the way.
Of course, I'm not going to be found pulling pints (nor shouting 'Get Out Of My Pub!') and my name won't be above the door but I will be helping him make decisions, turning chaotic piles of paper into some semblance of a system and keeping everything ticking along at home so that he has somewhere to retreat when he gets the chance.
It is a big change for us, but it is also a very simple progression.
For this is who he always was.


Unknown said…
Excellent news and congratulations to you both! Did you really hear about it on 28 January 2012? Can I borrow your time machine?! ;)
Snappy.girl said…
i am so happy for him!! xx
Unknown said…
Wonderful news, I wish you luck in your new journey.

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