Finding the balance

Almost a month into our new life and I think I am finding a balance between work and life.
The first two weeks were a blur of logistics, juggling and worrying. Then we hit a period of extreme work and play (our babysitter earned £100 that week) - as if everything had been postponed to those seven days. This last week has seen me having more than one Dynamic Day and a few big tasks being ticked off. I have also run twice and had two yoga lessons.
But I have also had to admit defeat. Tonight I am staying home rather than dancing with my friends as I am feeling weary and a little achey.
Knowing when to listen to your body is all part of finding a balance. And it is OK.
I also have an extremely tired child who has been so emotionally fraught today that I would have consumed large quantities of wine under the heading Much Needed Reward and written off tomorrow......


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