All good things come to an end

My morning routine can never be the same as Scarlett fell off the bed this morning whilst I was making a cup of tea. I thought I might have got away with it as Dan was out walking Matisse but the red marks on the side of her face were the clue that something had happened. This is only the second time there has been an accidental tumble; the last time was off the sofa when I was looking up images of Claudia Winkleman to see if I looked like her. Oh the shame.
We had our last baby yoga session today. It seems such a short time ago that we were the newcomers, where has the time gone? (I know, all parents say this). Sadly, after our swimming class on Friday we will no longer see Hayley and Hepsie each week so Tweedledee and Tweedledum will have to go their separate ways - although looking at the following I suspect Hepsie may be relieved.

On our way home from yoga Scarlett was so tired that she fell asleep drinking her milk in the pram and there she stayed for two hours. I had planned to wander round town but with no money and feeling a bit hungry I opted to come home instead.
Wow - could the days of spending and eating for all the wrong reasons be behind me?
I worked from home today so Dan and I didn't have to perform the Working Parents 100m Relay, handing over Scarlett like a baton at 3pm. The weather was very grey and wet this afternoon so when Dan went back to work Scarlett and I retired to the bedroom where I read articles and ticked off many items on the Master To Do List whilst she learned to open my bedside drawers ...


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