Barbara Good becomes Margot Leadbetter (hopefully)

What a beautiful day - cold but very sunny, my favourite.
These days are my most productive so by midday I had

  • Cleaned out my two rabbits (Lentil and Angel)

  • Washed up (twice)

  • Let Dan have 30 minutes quiet time to read his book in bed with tea (Wife of the Year?)

  • Made a loaf of bread (cooling as I type)

  • Walked to the allotment and dug one bed thoroughly and re-dug two beds (that will teach me for just turning over the dirt last week in the hope that the grass would die)

  • Bought a few necessities at the Co-Op

  • Walked home pushing a now very heavy pram

For the rest of the day I plan to eat some of the bread (but not all of it), flick continually between sport programmes (the Mighty Town are playing Swansea, England are playing cricket and rugby), read the Saturday Times (well the bits I am interested in, no point setting my sights too high) and get ready to go out for supper looking amazing and not like the person typing this who has mud under her nails, baby food on her face (don't ask) and is wearing a very unsexy combination of saggy trackie bums / shapeless tops / maternity cardigan / large woolly socks.


Unknown said…
self indulgent. But a nice way for me to keep up with what you actually do all day.
love to you all
ArcticShadow said…
ALMOST as good as being there!
ArcticShadow said…
It was FGM rather than Ash! It's the only way I can do this! Hope he doesn't mind!!

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