Sometimes a day in the house is no bad thing

So, after much thought, I have decided to stop thinking about having a blog....
The title comes - in a roundabout way - from an article I read in today's Times entitled 'I should have ditched feminism for love, children and baking' by Zoe Lewis.

Today we were supposed to be going out with Thea & Rufie and Hesper & Mabel but a combination of ear ache, lost mobile phones and too much rain led to Scarlett and I being on our own at home. Sometimes this can feel too much but today she was happy to play whilst I sat next to her knitting a dishcloth using up (very old) cotton yarn.
She came quite close to crawling today but went backwards more than once (Note to Self: must not turn phone sideways when filming as have no idea how to rotate the shot and save potential viewers from neck ache).
As well as attempting a blog I am also listening to radio programmes via podcasts so today I heard two episodes of Mark Kermode's Film Reviews and one of Simon Mayo's Book Reviews. As I joined Twitter yesterday I feel I may be finally joining the Technology Revolution.


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