Subliminal dog training

I can't really say that I have the best trained dog in the world. Despite many years as Suffolk's answer to Ace Ventura/Dr Doolittle, Matisse doesn't really do what I want when I want. Scarlett, on the other hand, has taught him to sit and raise one paw (see above) using nothing more than intermittent eye contact and a piece of food randomly dropped from her highchair.
Today was lovely both in content and weather. This morning we went to see Emma and her daughter Nerissa for some tea and pretty biscuits. Emma and I were one of five in our class of just 30 (or so) girls -I think you can see why we have both tried to pick less common names for our girls.
This afternoon we had Granny Time (a little like Hammer Time but without the silly trousers). I hadn't seen Mum properly in a few weeks and it was lovely. There is something so warm and relaxing about her house that I could have gone upstairs and snoozed until the morning.


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