Use it or lose it

On the same day that I heard the Suffolk Nappy Network is in danger of being closed I also overheard someone saying the the lovely wool shop in town is closing. I just had to go and see the sign, and it is true.
OK, so she wasn't the most competitive on price and she seemed to be closed most times I walked past but I still want her to be there when I need her.
The old independent shop / local pub dilemma ..
I tried to talk to the owner and she was really off. I have put this down to a) perhaps having had many people she didn't consider to be regular customers saying how sad they were or b) she just wanted to get home.
Lurching from one bit of rubbish to another I also watched the most awful game of football under the heading of 'Me Time'. I really do think Jim might have to go and do something more interesting instead.
On a brighter note, two more beds have been dug at the allotment, the house is clean, the sheets have been washed and I received some photos of Scarlett from Thea that are just gorgeous (see above).
Scarlett has perfected the sitting-from-flat-on-her-back manoeuvre so she greets us with a big smile over the top of the cot when we get her up in the morning. Unfortunately she has also introduced headbutt-mummy-in-the-face so I may well be going to work tomorrow with a fat lip and two black eyes.


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