I feel like I've been kicked in the head

I had such a bad headache last night and this morning that I have checked my face several times today for the imprint of a horseshoe on my forehead. Luckily my super-strong American painkillers (that I couldn't take when pregnant and shouldn't take whilst still breast-feeding) saved the day.
With a whole day at home I really should have got on with some knitting but, with Scarlett in need of continual entertainment, in the end I knitted just two rows of the using-up-my-wool-stash blanket.
I heard Wayne Hemingway on the radio yesterday saying that now is the time to focus on creative plans if you can keep your overheads down. Driving back from Bury I was full of plans for a knitting group and shop but today I have struggled to remember what they were.
Not good - this is why I have to write everything down.

Getting to grips with Twitter I realise that there is a once in a lifetime opportunity here for me to send Bono a message. With my brain the way it is I cannot think of a single thing to ask him. I am tempted to tell him that I was a little surprised by the dark eye make-up he was sporting at the Brits last night (I suppose that explains the dark glasses) but not sure that is likely to prompt a reply.


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