All moaning is cancelled

I'm sick and tired of feeling sick (Scarlett) and tired (me). Scarlett's gummy eye became a really nasty cold so we have had another difficult few days. It has dawned on me that the last time she was truly relaxed and happy for a full day was on 6 March. Poor thing.

Anyway we are heading off to the Big Smoke tomorrow to see Harriet, under the heading A Change Is As Good As A Rest. We're hoping to go to Kew Gardens on Saturday; although this maybe a bit ambitious as the weather is truly inclement. We have had blazing sun, heavy rain, thunder and hail over the last 36 hours and the next few days are said to be "unsettled".

I'm suffering from a lack of creativity that I am hoping to recapture sometime soon. The latest issue of the The Knitter arrived this morning, I have found some beautiful wool at the Natural Fibre Company and some jumpers I want to make on a website called Needled (although not sure they are designed for women with convex post-baby tummies?) but I just can't get carried away with it all. Could it be a consequence of the slightly trying time I have had lately or that I know I can't afford any wool this month?

[I've typed this listening to Jon Allen - In your Light, if you haven't yet heard it on Radio 2 then click here, it's beautiful.]


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