I'll never be a yummy mummy in a Boden skirt

Have I mentioned that Scarlett has stopped sleeping during the day?
Did we appreciate the time, precious time, that we had when she slept twice between the hours of 7am and 6pm? Did we truly appreciate how different our lives would be once she became mobile and so aware of the world around her?
In a bid to get some work done in time for this afternoon's meeting I tried putting her to bed with a bottle of formula, barricading her in a corner of my bedroom using my body as the final side of the square whilst using my bed as a desk and also sitting her on my lap playing with a Nectar card whilst I sent some e mails.
Whilst contained in her makeshift playpen, the best distraction was a catalogue that came with my Red magazine. As you can see, I certainly won't be treating myself to a Boden skirt anyday soon.

After a slightly stressful trip to Tesco's petrol station yesterday (I confused the pay-at-the-pump, three times, so had to pay at the kiosk which held up the man behind me and then I slipped on some petrol, or something, as I got back to the car which left me clinging onto the roof of my car whilst my legs went the opposite way like Bambi on ice) it dawned on me that we don't seem to get any clubcard vouchers, nor Nectar points. How exciting to find out that all I had to do was give them our new address (we moved October 2007) and we have enough points to get £40 of Pizza Express vouchers and we have £15 to spend in Sainsbury's.

Soooooooo exciting.


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