Sometimes lists work and sometimes they are ignored

This weekend I had a 'To Do' list which read mow lawn (check), clean out rabbits (check - a job I do every week but it's always nice to cross these things off), sew up Scarlett's fisherman's jumper (check - unfortunately I seem to have made it for a 4 year old), get out all my pre-pregnancy clothes and try them on (check - and they fit. Yay!), do some serious digging at the allotment (check) and pick up the Freecycle mower that I was kindly offered (check).
Dad has leant us a strimmer for the jungle between the paths so I am feeling a little less worried about the Allotment Open Day - you never know they might even humour themselves by awarding us the Most Improved Plot award.

Here is Scarlett 'helping' me with the sorting of clothes and allotment digging.

I've just been to town with Mum and Archie. My shopping list was lost within five minutes so I freestyled. I seem to have spent quite a bit on stripey sleepsuits of varying shades but don't seem to have bought home any footwear for Scarlett to wear at the allotment (her waterproof dungarees are fantastic but don't have any feet) nor any Thank You cards.


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