This is my church, this is where I heal my hurts

I went to the football today, leaving Scarlett with Mum. Oh I love the football - a sunny day, the passion, laughing at the idiots, singing the rudest songs and (most importantly) winning.
I emptied my mind for two hours and now I am ready to start the week again.

In my postbox today was The Secret World of the Working Mother by Fiona Miller, left by a dear friend (interestingly he is also my boss).


Hi Emma,
Thanks for the "follow" and listing on your blog roll, I have returned the favour.

Love your blog, I shall read and enjoy.
The Fiona Miller book is a great read, I found it one of the most interesting and engaging books I have read for a long time.
Have a good day Ms X.
Unknown said…
Thank you! I found your blog when I googled Fiona Millar, it's a good read (the blog and the book). Emma x

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