Getting on top of a messy cupboard

Lying in bed reading the latest issue of The Knitter (rock and roll) last night I decided that my creativity might be being hampered by my slightly muddled Creative Cupboard. Whilst Scarlett was asleep this morning I emptied the cupboard into our bedroom and was amazed at how many knitting and crochet books/magazines I have collected over the years (see above - also my lovely knitting bag is on display; an eBay find when eBay was cheap).

I was also slightly embarassed by the number of unfinished/might do something with/just-because-I-like-it bits and pieces I had collected (I just couldn't photograph them) so I have spent today binning, finishing, felting and repackaging so that my lovely cupboard now looks like this -

I now only have four projects 'on the go' and I am really excited by the Kaffe Fassett 'Tumbling Blocks' cushion front that has been in the cupboard for about six years and has now been felted and could make a nice bag.

Anyway, back in the real world Scarlett has another two teeth but is still verging on irrational. Her tears when she is taken from me for a 'swim' at our class are becoming a bit embarassing but other than that she has also been busy unpacking baskets and drawers.

I have put this photo in as I love this dress (it wasn't really warm enough today to warrant cheesecloth but it looked good and made the dreadful Getting Dressed Whilst Slightly Damp after swimming a breeze).

The Bank Holiday weekend holds lots of promise and a chance to catch up on a few jobs. Watch this space ....


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