Let down by a swim nappy

My garden is so pretty at the moment; next door's clematis (?) is drapping itself over our fence (thankfully, as it is holding the boundary up), there are hundreds of rosebuds, the lavender/ sweet pea bed is fit to burst and I have high hopes for the magnolia we planted on Scarlett's birthday.

Scarlett has been trialling a nursery this week. Our first settling-in session didn't go so well when I was rumbled as a shoddy mother. In the morning I was visiting Danielle when Scarlett did a Shock Poo. More of a shock when I realised there were no nappies in the bag ... luckily a swim nappy was pulled from the depths and I felt really proud of myself until, ten minutes into our Nursery Session, her 'key worker' (how mad is that term) pointed out that her trousers were wet and she might need changing. Thank goodness they keep spares and wasn't I lucky that Scarlett was happy to play with the other children in very few clothes?

We have another trial on Wednesday before the regular Thursday afternoons start in earnest. I shall be packing that bag on Monday night.
The allotment is coming along nicely. We've planted the tomatoes, spinach, parsnips, cabbages (aka Sacrifical Lambs), beetroot, jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, shallots, potatoes, shallots and potatoes (yes, there was a lack of communication). On Bank Holiday Monday I cut all the long grass by hand with shears as the manual lawnmower is still awaiting some Father-in-Law TLC. Looking good - my arm muscles as well as the grass.
Knitting-wise, it is Dishcloth Central. I have been really busy at work and they are all I have the enthusiasm for once Scarlett is asleep .....


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