You don't need money to be happy

Oh I had such a lovely weekend; the weather was great and Dan had two days off (shocker). I was probably more consistently domesticated than I have been in a long time and also found time to eat with friends (twice), watch some football, do some painting and knit something (more on that later).

On Sunday, Scarlett and I caked ourselves in suncream and camped out in the garden all day. We had a picnic lunch .....

... and then had lots of fun with a washing up bowl and some bits of plastic.

When Dan was off work we spent lots of time at the allotment. We are so lucky that we have a shared hobby and passion. I was not wholly convinced that Dan would take to gardening when I first signed the contract but now he visits nurseries in his spare time and takes it very personally when his seedlings die or his newly planted seeds are dug up by over-enthusiastic helpers (don't ask).
Not only is the allotment a totally fulfilling use of our time but seeing plants grow is AMAZING. Take our broad beans for example, two weeks ago not a pod and then these beauties greeted me on Saturday.

Similarly our strawberries are plump, bountiful and ripening. They are even the envy of the man who owns the plot next door and knows everything (although he was very helpful about the stunted tomato plant, the going-to-seed onions and when aforementioned beans would be ripe).
I know I said that I was only going to finish all four of my knitting projects until I started something new but in a fit of DIY-excitement yesterday I painted much of our bathroom (pillar-box red) and a wall in our bedroom (dark teal) so I just had to make this toothbrush holder out of an empty peanut butter jar, a ball of string (found in the shed at the allotment) and some 4mm needles.

Now I just need to train my husband to use it .....


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