Biting insects and spectacles

Whilst picking courgettes and raspberries at 6am Monday morning, Dan was attacked by a swarm of invisible insects that left his leg like this ...

A day later his arm had swollen so much that his watch was acting like a rubber band and his bottom lip had doubled in size - the doctor put him on antibiotics and he has been swallowing painkillers ever since.

I have to keep reminding myself that we live in the UK and not the Tropics.

Neither of us has braved the allotment since and it is the Open Day on Saturday ... I'm praying for torrential rain as our grass must be back at the embarassing stage.

Scarlett has been diagnosed as above average long-sighted so, to prevent her left eye becoming more wobbly than it is already, she is now the proud owner of two pairs of glasses. I have been feeling a little sad for her but today I realised that beyond them is still my little girl and now she can probably see me clearly.


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