Reasons to be working

I have a very good friend who went back to work today, a year after the birth of her baby. She has been quite sad about returning so I have been thinking about working and here is my list of positive things about leaving your baby -

a) You can wear dangly earrings, beaded bracelets and long or short necklaces. I find this so exciting that I am often seen going to work resembling Mr T.

b) Without a baby in the car, you can turn up your music and drive (a little) recklessly.

c) You can have one hot drink, or as many as you fancy, you can drink them whilst hot and you can finish them.

d) Personally, I don't earn much, but I am almost able to cover half of our household bills and that sense of equality feels nice.

Even if you aren't doing a job that you really care about anymore, there will be moments when your brain fires and you start to think like the old you. When that happens, it is so good to see her again.


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