No more tulips!

This was going to be my first job when we moved into our Victorian-but-made-to-look-modern home three years ago but other, more pressing, jobs and life changing events came along. However, when I realised that people probably thought I liked our little stained glass flowers I decided they needed to go. So much more light!
I can't imagine we will ever afford to have wooden sashes back but we are now wondering whether to have just plain glass in each window - the faux leading is just so not us.
We were back at the hospital this week to have Scarlett's eyes checked - her eye is no better so they have recommended a patch on the good eye for two hours a day over the next two months. It is traumatic. She really can't see out of that eye so becomes distressed and claws at her face like a mad thing. We managed five minutes today with CBeebies as a distraction but, perhaps as a consequence, she has become hyper-sensitive to her glasses which are now more off than on.


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