Being left with a good thing

A few weeks ago my friends and I got together to knit some squares to make a blanket for a cancer patient as part of the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning. It was a lovely way to spend a day (and a great way to use up odds and ends of wool) but I have to admit I have been feeling a little fed up that not only do I need to sew all 40 of the squares together but, as we were a few shy of 40, I have been knitting square after square after square each evening.

Today I got all the squares out and laid them on the table ...

... and I came over all proud. We have done a really nice thing and, once it is finished, I hope it will keep someone nice and toasty. It was knitted with love and kindness in mind and that is what I hope it brings to its new owner.

Along the way I have learned a (relatively) quick way to join the squares using crochet. You can read the technical stuff here but this is how it looks -

I haven't updated on my weight loss lately - 11 pounds gone. It feels sooo good!


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