Seasonally affected

a) Woke up to power cut, not a problem but then power went off once more when I was making a much needed cup of tea which was a little annoying - however my friend's house alarm went off when the power did and it took him 15 minutes to stop it. This was at 4am, so can't really complain.
b) We are trying to go out for breakfast on Tuesday mornings so we braved the rain to try this new (independent) cafe that my friends were raving about. Apparently they don't serve breakfast (even though they are open at 8.30am) and the scrambled eggs that I had heard were so nice she only makes for friends .... honestly, that is what she said. So, we were damp and very hungry at 9.30am.
c) I got drenched walking home. So wet I had to strip off in the hallway. Scarlett was wet from the knees down as I have no idea where the cover is for her pram. Any bit of me that was dry soon became sodden when I decided to grab our cat who was sitting hunched up in next door's lavendar. Obviously I did this before I stripped off. The cat, incidentally, ran out of the door back into the rain.
d) All I want to do is eat stodge, even though I am not hungry. I am not eating anymore calories than I am supposed to have but I am not losing weight like I was. So I think this might be a kickback - although it could just be that it is suddenly cold and my body wants to get ready for the change of season.
e) I would quite like to have been pregnant this month (yes, that feeling suprised me too).
f) I had planned to meet my friend for tea, without Scarlett, but I spent so long sorting out Scarlett's clothes and bedroom that I didn't leave enough time to go and get back before Dan went to work so I accidentally enforced a very long day at home with a lunatic daughter who seems to think throwing herself off the furniture is hilarious whilst it has poured with rain.


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