Packing it all in

There is just so much going on at the moment, I can scarcely believe I was feeling a bit bored not so long ago. I am working more and for longer (I even dipped my toe in the swirling waters of pet behaviour counselling for the first time in 27 months) and tomorrow I start an Open University course: Writing Essays. Ideally I'd like to study for an English Language and Literature degree but I am starting with a short course to see if I can fit it all in (I've even made a timetable). Three times this week though I have sat down with my course book only for Scarlett to wake up, the phone to ring .... maybe I will look back at this and just see it as a great excuse for new stationary?
Excitingly I have also had a bit of a social life with a really good friend staying last night, friends over for supper tomorrow night and being whisked away by more friends in two weeks time as the following weekend I will be 40.
There, I've said it out loud.
Can I just go to a health farm instead?

We had some wonderful news last week - Scarlett's lazy eye has improved dramatically with the patches. So much so that we are now just patching until December and then it will all be over (she gets to keep the cute glasses though).


Vera Amos said…
Yay you can join the 40 club, although not much goes on, sorry downer. Great news about Scarlett bless her. Nicky xx

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