Blisters and forensic science

Just words tonight as I am nearing the end of my first Open University short course and feel the need to practice. Words, words, words and an essay on Victorian Britain...
Yes, honestly. It's hard for me to write about something I have no passion for so I sense I might either fail miserably or I have learned something quite major.
Either way, I have made a list of other short courses that interest me -
Start writing fiction
Understanding human nutrition
Elements of forensic science

Perhaps now I understand why I have had no real long-term career plan since the demise of my veterinary surgeon dream.
In other news, we escaped for some bright lights in the big city on Tuesday. After a trusty Pizza Express we walked from our hotel near St Pauls to the Theatre Royal (to see Oliver!) but hadn't noted that it wasn't actually the Drury Lane Theatre - what do they say about reading the question'?.
We over-walked by about thirty minutes which left my Mummy Feet (squeezed into high boots) blistered and bruised but each mark is worth the lovely evening that we had together, just us.


Vera Amos said…
That sounds like a lovely evening apart from the excess walking!
Nicky x

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