Little bright moments in an otherwise damp old day

[Forgive me for any errors in this post - I had to stop many times to kiss Iggle Piggle or Upsy Daisy and administer fluids]

I have started feeding the birds. Everyone flew away as I approached (Wildlife Photographer of the Year - not) but my suet and seed mix - thanks CBeebies - is quite popular.

I gave up on my snowdrops last year and thought the bulbs had rotted away but look ... a little bit of white (it is the only one I can find so that makes it even more special, let's hope the dog doesn't wee on it).

This was the comedy Christmas present from my husband, but I love him. I haven't shown you the extra large solar lamp that comes out of his head - it's not his best feature.

There's nothing like a bit of new growth to brighten me up - here are my tulips. I am not talented at planting and have no eye for colour but this pot is good, suspiciously good, and I can't wait to see them again.

Have I shown you my Olive tree? A little treat for turning 40.

Nothing to do with today but posted as evidence that 'Star' did once let me put gloves on her - but we can't do a hat and gloves at once. No wonder she is always ill.


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