Here we go again ...

We spent the weekend in Harrogate; I was working at the biggest bunny show this country has ever seen whilst Dan was playing house husband. We got off to a bit of an icky start with Scarlett vomiting all over the twin room in the rented cottage and then we had lots of disrupted sleep but we ended the weekend a happy little family driving home on a cold sunny day.
As last week was possibly the busiest working week I have had as a juggling mother I was pleased to turn the page on this week to see nothing more taxing than some easy work and a bit of playgroup [there is a hell of a lot of housework I am conveniently not mentioning here - you could write your name in the dust on our window sills].
So imagine my surprise when, on the way home from work, I had a call from nursery to say Scarlett was running a huge temperature and had started barking like a dog - well they didn't say that, that's my interpretation of her cough.


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