Bring it on

In preparation for tomorrow's Big Day Out I have finished off a few projects that were stuck in my unimaginative zone. Firstly we have the Dumpling cardie - an absolute favourite present when Scarlett was born, now recreated in a larger size.

The pattern is from Rowan and uses Big Wool - but I cheated with the much cheaper Sirdar Big Softie. In many ways it is better as it is also washable - but it's not very strong and broke several times when I was sewing up.

Next on the list was the Clothkits pinafore dress. I am very in love with this, and thankfully so is Scarlett.

In fact I am quite happy with both and feel ready for inspiration tomorrow - and if I don't get any, then I am happy just to have time to read on the train!


Vera Amos said…
I want to comment but I won't otherwise we will have even less to talk about tomorrow. Can't wait really excited. Do you think we will have time to squeeze in iKnit too? not bothered that much is we can't.
See you tomorrow, Nicky x

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