How to make a small child cry

Scarlett has been talking incessantly about bubbles lately. Bubbles at breakfast, bubbles at lunch and bubbles at teatime. Most notably, bubbles whenever she sees her spotty sleeping bag.
It dawned on me yesterday that bubble is in fact Mr Tumble from Something Special (he wears spots, hence the bedtime bubbles)
This morning I thought it would be fun if we both tried to call for Mr Tumble only, without a television in the bedroom for him to magically appear on, this backfired momentously with lots and lots of tears, screaming and launching onto the floor.
To be honest she didn't really recover all day.


Vera Amos said…
Oh to be able to read a small childs mind, bless you for trying. Hope she recovers today. Have fun making it up to her, lol!
Have a lovely weekend.
Nicky x

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