Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

We visited the allotment this morning, even the dog came along. We dug, weeded and planted - peas and leeks this week. The sun was shining and everyone was happy so we were there for nearly two hours. A large pile of 'free' woodchips had been put onto the edge of our plot so I met lots of other people as we all took as many as we could as quickly (and politely) as we could. Apparently the Council are also going to be dropping off some compost - the product of our brown bins I suppose - so I'd better pay the annual fee before they terminate our ownership. You'd think I'd pay the bill for something that makes me so happy as soon as it arrives.
Dan reluctantly left for work, he has a low-key wedding party to feed, so Scarlett and I replenished our missing calories and now she is coughing her way through her afternoon nap.
I have mowed the lawn, hung the washing out and washed up so there is nothing much more to do than get started on a knitted dress using the diagram and scribbled notes that I painstakingly drew up last night and keep one eye on Notts Forest v Ipswich.
Oh and stew the homegrown rhubarb, of course.


Vera Amos said…
Mmmm, sounds like a productive day. I too am having one, 3 loads of washing hung and drying patio cleaned, Sam broke some wood up for my chiminea, (testing tonight). Cheese straws and banana bread made and I am just about to mop the floor and reward myself by finishing that 'cowl'. Really interested in your knitted dress, let me know how it goes?
Nicky x

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