Sweet or sour?

Over the last six weeks I have stopped eating sugar and yeast, I have upped my vegetable intake fourfold, I haven't had a drink since December 31 and I have started every day with a cup of hot water and lemon and finished it by religiously writing down everything I have eaten.
I have lost another half stone (add that to the stone I lost between July and November) so I am lighter than I have been in about ten years - before I met my chef, doubled my food intake and then had a baby.
I'm just not sure I feel better though. I'm happier with how I look and more confident. I seem to be less imbalanced and not as keen on chocolate at 4pm but full of energy, with clear skin and no PMT? If only ...
As for the diary filling - someone told me to do it so I do. Sometimes I am barely able to keep my eyes open once I have tidied my way to bed, washed my face, cleaned my teeth, applied eye cream/face cream/heel cream/handcream, filled in the food diary and written my daily diary. At that point, I then try to read my book. Dan (who probably came to bed after me, was in bed before me and has read several pages) then turns out his light and sleeps like a baby.
Last night, I didn't read long enough so I seemed to be awake for ages and then Scarlett started crying in her sleep, then going quiet, then crying in her sleep again. Finally she was awake at 4. Yes 4.
Perhaps today is not the day to best judge if my energy levels have been raised with the new eating regime?


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