Two and beyond

Scarlett turned two on Monday. I read a lovely Patrick Gale book once that talked about a mother who, although a bit rubbish in many ways, always spent her child's birthday doing whatever the child wanted. I decided there and then to make that a family tradition (not the being rubbish bit).
Obviously Scarlett isn't able to tell me what she wants to do just yet (and if she could I suspect it would be to spend all day filling her watering can and sitting on the floor next to her, drawing owls and snakes).
So this is what we came up with on her behalf ....

An early start in the garden playing with her new gardening set and bubble machine.

A family cooked breakfast followed by presents (presents and more presents!)

A trip to Baylham Rare Breeds farm and a close encounter with chickens, sheep and goats (and Mummy)

Some new shoes (I am now wondering why on earth I thought this was a good colour for a toddler).

After all the excitement and activity, a snooze occured on the way to Pizza Express so we left her and had a few minutes of adult time before the food arrived.

Dough balls and salad were followed by a pizza and a huge ice cream (that Dan kept trying to eat).

And then home for some drawing (owls and snakes) on her new easel.


Deb said…
Oh what a sweetie! Two is a lovely age and that's a lovely tradition!
Vera Amos said…
Sweet as a button, me thinks she is her mothers daughter, her fascination with animals may be genetic!
Nicky x

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