If you want something done ..

So far this weekend I have
  • Planted tomato, squash, cucumber, courgette and runner bean plants at the allotment (now I am too scared to go up again to check on them as I suspect they have been munched - again).
  • Spent ages watering all my plants without checking the weather forecast.
  • Written up all the client reports that I was ignoring.
  • Cleaned downstairs.
  • Thinned the swede and weeded around the asparagus, carrots and sweetcorn seedlings (oh and the one beetroot!)
  • Crocheted enough flowers to finish the first round of commissions for Nicki.
  • Visited my lovely Nanny.
  • Made some chocolate shortbread.
  • Crocheted a lace motif (on a 2mm hook!)
  • Watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (as well as the Grand Prix, England v Japan, caught up on the Chelsea Flower Show and an old Jonathan Creek episode).
  • Had a lovely brunch at this cafe and then popped in to marvel at friends in their caravan during a huge downpour.
  • Entertained my rampant two year old with few confrontations apart from a meltdown of Exorcist proportions in the bath Saturday night when a Postman Pat book was removed from her tight grasp (on previous evenings she has gone to bed with a plastic toilet seat and pink star as they could cope with getting wet).

And there's still a whole day ahead.


Vera Amos said…
And breath! lol, busy, busy, busy!

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