Just been to the allotment (twice this week - you can tell I need to be out of the home). All is well although not too many seeds poking their heads through. I don't seem to have lost anymore plants - the last head count was 6 tomatoes, 2 courgettes and a globe artichoke - although a couple of the beans have been slaughtered by the multitude of snails that gravitate towards our plot as they get to live, feed and eat without stumbling on a blue pellet. A neighbour told me that we had just missed a pair of magpies methodically hunting on our plot - don't you just love nature.
This morning I planted some raspberry canes in the garden, we also have lettuces, tomatoes and peas doing well - can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with Alys Fowler? I'd quite like to dress like her too ....!


A Good Yarn said…
That programme grips me but also makes me feel Hugely inadequate as a gardener. Maybe it's just me. I gardened recently in my best cardigan and frock. Great look but not so special when the branches I was pruning snagged the sleeve. Bet Alys doesn't have that problem!
Vera Amos said…
Hey Mrs Greenfingers, thanks for your comments of Greatness, I will officially be great in September because my niece is having a baby girl and i will be its GREAT Aunt. I however am not too good at gardening and have provided my mother with a funny story at my expense for her local WI, as follows I bought some Bizzy Lizzies from B&Q and left them outside, not knowing about frost and things and they died, well I was very cross and took them back and they said we do not give money back on live plants to which i said well they are dead! when I told my mum as I was still very cross she fell about laughing at my stupity on the gardening front. Which leads me to saying You too are great with your gardening prowess!!!! Phew, hope that all makes sense?
Kisses to Scarlett.
Nicky x
Anonymous said…
Excellent blog. Cute daughter. Hope you and the family are all well. Please say hi to your mum, dad and Olly. Warren

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