There's light at the end of this tunnel

My self-imposed break from anything that wasn't crochet, work or Scarlett has left me unsure how to rejoin the world I once knew. There I was pottering around a beach hut in Felixstowe and then spending a week in Cornwall when suddenly I returned to a complex lace shawl to crochet, press releases for three companies to write, a 6 hour marketing workshop to plan and prepare, posters and flyers to distribute for two events, numerous items on a very long work To Do list, a home that seemed continually coated in dust and dog hair, an allotment that was drying to a crisp, a gorgeous daughter turning into an insomniac courtesy of a molar and a deaf husband being told (and hearing) that he needs mastoid surgery.

I know I've been busy as I can't tell you when I last painted my nails and what my toe nails look like.

Three weeks on and I can see the end. Once the workshop is delivered (and I've successfully negotiated my way from Ipswich to Warwick and back again), the shawl has been returned to its rightful owner and I have sent the final posters I'll be back to normal.

But what is normal for me? I do so many different things and am lucky that I am quite good at most of them, but that can be a curse as well as a blessing. I am not the person who focuses on one thing - who has one job or one hobby. I am the person who says 'I can do that', and does it, but ends up pretty frazzled.

This phase is good frazzled though; I'm pleased to report that 150mg of GLA delivered via Evening Primrose Oil is exactly what I needed.

The ratio of three weeks bad, one week good has definitely shifted.


A Good Yarn said…
It sounds like you need a long bath with "Do not disturb" on the door. We easily lose sight of who we are as a multi- tasking women. The evening primrose should kick in....even though I find a stiff G and T much more effective!!
With best wishes,

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