So now I'm confused ...

I feel confident in saying that we are now sleeping. We haven't had to get up to Scarlett (or Audrey) for three nights and the last two nights there hasn't been a peep from either of them.
Don't let my factual tone fool you - it has been bloody and we have teetered on the edge of irrationality, exhaustion and a breakdown in marital pleasantries.
So, what worked? Well the cardboard box in the bedroom for Audrey was a genius idea and within two nights she was sleeping for 7 to 8 hours. Most importantly she was showing us she could hold her bladder and bowels for 7 to 8 hours. Scarlett was not so simple; we felt that she had recreated an attachment to baby bottles for comfort. We had started giving them to her in the day and during the night, whenever she cried out for 'More' really. [The use of More is not easy to explain, suffice to say it occured from my muddled approach to signing.]
So, we entered a period of cold turkey that was about as easy as having a child come off other addictive substances, I suspect. Anyway, we stuck with it but on Day 2 she woke up with a red face, nappy rash and a mouth she said was 'thore'.
So was it just ANOTHER molar, rather than an addiction to bottles?
Answers on a postcard ....


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