Thank you, whoever you were ..

Scarlett is now overlapping molars so is up every night, more than once. Audrey is no better, waking every hour or hour and a half. I am sleeping on the sofa with her near me (but slowly increasing the distance between us) and Dan is upstairs, occasionally sharing our bed with our daughter.
I think we are running almost on empty.
On my way home from work I thought I would return a highchair that has been on the back seat of the car for the last three months to a friend (before delivering a very late birthday present to another friend). I saw this lady looking at me as I was wrestling around in the back of the car and wondered if I had parked in the wrong place. It turns out she reads this blog and recognised me from my photo.
How incredible is that? Incredible in that she recognised me - that photo was taken at Latitude in 2007 when I had been on 8 hours sleep a night for the previous 36 years - and to be honest incredible that anyone other than my friends and family read this.
I think she was pretty amazed by the whole moment, but honestly the pleasure was all mine.
 I almost skipped home - thank you, whoever you were ....


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