It's always good to have a plan

Three quite major things happened to us yesterday.
Firstly, I hit rock bottom, admitted I was struggling with Audrey and sought help (more on that later).
Secondly, our ten year old terrier Matisse got lost during his morning walk and was eventually located via the Dog Warden. We have no idea how this happened, we have joked that he is a bit tired but I suspect he was distracted by something smelly and then couldn't see Dan. Anyway, he was picked up by a very kind lady, about two minutes from our home.
I never had him down as a homing pigeon.
Needless to say the 90 minutes he was missing were the longest and boy did I cry some big tears.
Finally, I was dragged out for a meal on the Lady Florence - we had a great time, lovely food and met some interesting other diners but for quite a while I just sat on deck with my eyes closed, breathing fresh air. Dan then took the sofa shift so I had some proper in-your-own-bed sleep for the first time in 6 nights.
So, back to Audrey. I am lucky to have friends in very high places so when I admitted defeat I e mailed Gwen Bailey. She kindly sent me a long e mail that I read this morning and we are now looking at a way of rearing Audrey that sits nicely alongside the way I rear Scarlett.
Firstly no need for the crate and the (horrendous) ignoring her until she stops screaming and learns that no-one is coming. Instead, it is OK for us to have a large cardboard box by the bed or sofa. We can all get some sleep and Audrey can learn to settle. I'll still hear her move when she needs the toilet so I can maintain the progress we have made in that area.
Secondly, no more worrying about forcing her to be separated from me in the day so that she will cope when I next try to leave her. Instead we are using the childgate and her natural sleep time for her to have increasing periods of time separated from me, but near me. Each day we will practice and gradually increase the time and distance between us.
Here is the outcome of Day One.
We had a really successful 5 minutes. I was keeping close to Audrey whilst distance managing Scarlett who had been let loose on a bubble machine.


Vera Amos said…
Am am glad you have a plan, something had to go eventually and your sanity wouldn't have been good. I hope Matisse is ok bless him. How's Scarletts teeth still struggling with sleep or not? Hope you have a more restfull weekend, kiss to everyone.
Nicky x
A Good Yarn said…
This made me smile! We bought a puppy dog 5 years ago, and it was the most stressful 6 months of my life. ( And I do not say that lightly!) He is, now, a frequently admirded hound, not only for his looks, but for his manners. I wish you well, and as the old adage goes, all will be well in the fullness of time.
best wishes,

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