And now I've lost the sofa ...

One word. Chickenpox.
15 blisters counted in the bath tonight; I think Spotty Maldoon will greet us in the morning.
My rest is not going so well. I am a mother above all else so it's OK not going to work but I can't just lie here. My head won't rest either. I feel, oh , fraught, guilty and above all I am worried. If I did this to myself, which seems to be the conscensus of opinion, then how do I stop it happening again? Am I supposed to be having an epiphany whilst I lie on the sofa (or not, as it happens)?
And when will I feel better? When will I be on top of everything again? When will I be able to put my daughter to bed without struggling to catch my breath afterwards?


Deb said…
Oh you poor thing, hope you get better soon. And while you can't just lie there when you have a little one to look after I think it's ok to make it easy on yourself - ask for help, use the tv (I know!), do easy meals.

I hope you don't feel guilty. We all miss warning signs that our bodies send out. xx
Vera Amos said…
OMG, get well soon life is a bitch, just when you were getting back on track.xx
Snappy.girl said…
Hope you all get well soon! :) add my blog Emma it's naomi x

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