Barking dogs and the love of a good stitch

I've hardly seen Dan this week, he's working, working or working. Next week looks a little easier, if only as he will be home in the afternoons - not only does he get a break but I can use the time to do dull stuff like tidying up, putting away the washing or answering work e mails. All the things I can't really do when I am in charge of two lunatics and an elderly dog [wouldn't that be a great title for a blog?].

We seem to be a house of bugs and viruses this week. I've had a 24 hour vomiting and aching joint bug, Scarlett has had a cold, Dan now has a sore throat (which I'm now getting) and even Audrey has had, well, a messy bum.

I am trying to introduce Audrey to gentle separations from us during the day. We had a low point over the weekend when I had to leave them for an hour and asked my neighbour if she could hear anything - only to find out that Matisse (grumpy elderly dog) had barked for the full hour. We now seem to have cracked his upsets by letting them have access to the kitchen and sitting room during the short times we are out so that he can settle on the sofa and think I don't know.

I've just read Woolly Wormhead's request for people to tell her how they fell in love with knitting and I've been thinking about how my love started at 6 when my beloved Nanny taught me, became illicit during my school and university years when it was really not very cool and my bags were stashed behind sofas, became very passionate around the year 2000 once it started to become more mainstream and I discovered Rowan and then helped me lose weight  by giving me something to do when I would otherwise have eaten a second helping.
To be honest, my love of knitting and crochet has become more of a dependence nowadays - when my world seems to be closing in on me and I need something repetitive to work in time with my breathing, there it is. I really don't think I could cope without it.


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