Chicken Pox - how we managed

  • Alternate baths of bicarbonate of soda (two tablespoons) and oats in a muslin (thank goodness for all those Liz Earle cloths).
  • Calpol for the first three days, Piriton Syrup after that.
  • Calamine cream - soooo much easier than the lotion of my childhood.
  • Fireman Sam on the television - apparently there are 29 episodes of the new version and I have only two more to see to have a full house. (My favourite character is Dilys Price for her muddling of simple phrases : "oooh, it's so aromatic out here tonight" and calling a dream catcher "a cream snatcher").
  • Keeping Scarlett in one cotton nightdress for the entire time so that nothing rubbed. I overcame my horror of such slovernly behaviour by thinking it was probably so caked in calamine cream that it was working like a sunsuit.
  • Remembering that it is usually a textbook virus and will start to improve around day 5. Sure enough today, Day Six, she is all scabs and the really nasty spots are purple, not red.


Snappy.girl said…
aww bless her, she must be so irritated! Cant wait to see you all! x
Vera Amos said…
Well you can imagine how I felt with Naomi and Sam both down with the pox at 4 and 1, at least you are at the end of it now. Spottily yours! Nicky x

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