The poo on the floor

I thought I would talk a little bit about Audrey (aka D-Dog). She was such a problematic little soul over the summer but has really come good. She is fine when she is left, sleeps at night, walks miles every morning in all weathers and is Scarlett's best friend.
However, she is a stealth pooer. We put her outside, she comes back in, we put on the kettle and there is a poo on the floor by the front door, we are all in the sitting room (or so we think) and there is a poo on the floor, I keep her in the kitchen with me so I can watch her like a hawk, she goes into the garden every fifteen minutes and still there is a POO ON THE FLOOR.
She obviously has some incorrect learning, it is obviously our failing not hers, she obviously finds herself in the wrong place at the right time but honestly .........


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