Why I'm having a break from facebook

I'm having a self-imposed break from facebook. I've been enjoying its charms a little too much lately, posting daily status updates and wasting plenty of time reading about other people's lives. And then it happened. I wrote an amusing anecdote, randomly made a friend cross and he/she showed their displeasure with a pointed comment that around 300 people could have read. We've to'd and fro'd a bit, the comment has been removed, but our friendship is in a bit of a state.
I was on facebook in the early days and then one day cancelled my account and left well alone. I found the intimacy too much I suppose. I then started this blog and gradually moved into twitter. Then I returned to facebook (damn them for remembering my login details) and have been having some fun.
But there is a certain section of social networking that I find quite scary - people living every minute of their day through their updates, saying things that are surely not for broadcasting and writing remarks that wouldn't pass the lips if the writer was looking into the eyes of the person it was directed towards.
Here are my own personal rules for twitter, facebook, e mails and this blog:
I try not to write anything too personal about people other than me.
I try not to vent.
I only say what I am confident enough to be overheard saying (I think I have broken this rule once, but I'm only human).
So I will tell you that I am taking some time out from facebook to stop peering into other people's lives but the truth is that I am scared of seeing more comments regarding my recent melee.


Vera Amos said…
I tend to go to my page ALLV, more often than my profile. I agree it is very easy to vent. But I may also follow your lead and have a break as it becomes slightly obsessive at times! N x

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