Missing husband, iPhone love and Christmas cards

I have friends married to farmers and they seem to spend most of their summers alone. Being married to a chef is similar, but seasonally different.
Apart from the sorrow of not sharing this lovely time of the year, there are some pluses -
  • I finished work yesterday (for three whole weeks) so I have no need of childcare.
  • As he is barely here he makes no mess.
  • After Christmas we will have more disposable income than usual.
  • Once this is over I will be rewarded with a monumental lie-in, and I will drink tea and read a book.
After a ten week wait, our iPhones arrived. Slightly reduced phone reception aside, I love it. I find the process of typing text messages special, having facebook and twitter at my fingertips is wonderful but dangerous (the Stealth Pooer has struck twice whilst I have been distracted) and it is just so beautiful. Even the charger is downright cool.

There is only one thing bothering me at the moment and that is Christmas cards (although technically that is more than one thing). We have received lots and lots and I am grateful but I have only opened a few. I am avoiding them because I haven't written any. I have a box, or three, on the table with a pen and stamps but a quick glance at my address book last night made me realise I haven't got nearly enough. And that's not taking into account the ones that have been sent by people who I have forgotten about.
So, I have to open the ones we have received, hang them, make a list, buy more, write them and post them - knowing there is no way they will make it in time.


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