Adding to my To Do list and clearing my mind

I signed up to Jane Crowfoot's Crochet Club last year and then pretty much forgot all about it until this big box of beautiful yarn arrived last Sunday.
I am now trying hard to finish off my commissions, get on top of all the work I suddenly seem to have picked up and accept more sleep deprivation at the hands of a really small dog so that I can get started.

On Saturday I was encouraged to escape to Hertfordshire for a day's knitting - I hardly ever pick up my needles anymore so this was a real treat. I cannot recommend time spent at Dancing Hens enough.

I even learned how to block my work and now I know why I should do it.
Saying goodbye to curly edges......


Vera Amos said…
Blocking is a revelation I remember when I discovered the joy of blocking, is so worth it.
Nicky x

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